There are many things that we've heard about but are not "privileged" enough to visit. We know about them, but how much do we know about what really goes on inside those closed doors? Many have tried to find out their secrets, but many have failed. Depending on which of these secretive and heavily guarded places you're talking about, people have never come back from... I'm assuming (looking at you, Area 51).

Yes, go figure; Area 51 is one of the most guarded places. You can expect other places like the White House or Fort Knox to be some of the locations that make the list of the 25 most guarded places in the world. revealed the top 25 Most Guarded Places On Earth. Many make sense (like the few mentioned above): the Bank of England Gold Vault in London, The Kremlin in Russia, as well as Buckingham Palace.

Some places don't hide/protect people or riches, but seeds, like the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway. Also known as the Doomsday Vault, the idea behind it is that if we destroy all of the food supply, we have backups. Good thinking! Then you have the 53 miles worth of shelves filled with documents and historical data going all the way back to the eighth century in the Vatican Secret Archives. It makes you question the history we know when you think about all the stuff they're protecting!

The one supremely guarded spot in the world that I didn't realize was so close is a place that, when you hear its name and all the tales that come with it, really makes you wonder.

Bohemian Grove Is One Of The Most Guarded Places On Earth!

Bohemian Grove is around 2,700 acres of land in Monte Rio, roughly 75 miles north of San Francisco. A lot is alleged to go on inside the compound during the 16-day celebration by "Top 1 Percenters" in the United States who are members of the Bohemian Club (for more on that, you can read its Wikipedia entry. But it does beg the question: if all they do is party, preach, and kick back... why all the secrecy and security? We may never know, but at least we have the History Channel research.

To see the rest of the world's most guarded locations (and what they're supposedly guarding), check out

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