It's great being a nerd in today's climate. Growing up, if I wanted to dress like a superhero, people would tease me and usually beat me up just to prove that I was not super. If I walked around wearing a cape, people either treated me special or thought I was super cold. Now, the nerds rule the earth, and even the jocks stop to take second glances at sexy cosplayed Squirrel Girl (I'm exaggerating... kind of). But one of the U.S.'s biggest comic cons is right in our own backyard, and tickets just went on sale!

We are very fortunate to have many comic cons in our neck of the woods (RadCon, Sakura-Con, WA State Summer Con, Grit City, etc.). Mark your calendars for the big one! Emerald City Comic Con takes place from March 2nd to the 5th in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center! In the past, the guest list has been massive with stars of not only the comic book writing and artist corner of the world, but we'll also see the likes of pop culture's biggest names from the big & small screen!

"Emerald City Comic Con was a smorgasbord of fun times, a menagerie of cool cosplay, a galaxy of amazing celebs, and YOU were the cherry on top. We love you so much that we're not waiting another year for ECCC. Save the date for 2023: March 2-5!" – ECCC Website


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The guest list is still being compiled, so keep an eye out to see who in the world of pop culture will be making an appearance throughout the event. In the past, depending on the creator's schedules, some would be appearing all 3 days, others for only select days, doing meet and greets as well as signings.

John Riggs, Townsquare Media
John Riggs, Townsquare Media

Check out the current list on the guest's page at If you're interested in tickets, you have plenty of choices, from single day and weekend passes to the VIP treatment as well as meet & greet passes. That info can be found here.


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