Do you like things hot? Or are you a little on the weak side? A good barometer of that would be if you're the type of person who puts ketchup on their tacos. Hey, no judgment here! You like the taste but can't handle the heat; I get it. But what if you want to crank that heat up to 11? Where can you go?

Avee Morris posted a deliciously spicy question to the Facebook Group "WTF Yakima" and got a nice variety of responses.

"What restaurant has the HOTTEST wings in town???"

There were a lot of great responses, including Mickey's Pub/Orion, Sports Center, Famous Dave's BBQ, Buffalo Wild Wings, and the Kiln Taproom. The remarks by certain commenters are what made me sit up and take notice.

"Wings Central in Ellensburg has a wing you have to sign a form to eat"
– Bombay Oner

"Mickeys, I can eat hot stuff like no other. I ordered those and could only eat 4 out of 7, which never happens."
– Rob Weaver

"Ask for wings at Tailgater's and have them add crushed pepper and cayenne to make them as hot as possible, and they will do it up right."
– Skye Williams

So these are the suggestions from Yakima, but if I had to pick my top pick, it would be Mickey's Pub/Orion due to this comment:

They had a special for the Suicide Squad film called "Diablos Wings". It was served with milk, and no refunds, as it said on the menu. I didn't try it, but the guy behind me did. I remember smelling it and how strong it was."
– Andrew Morford

Where do you go to get the hot stuff? Tap the App and let us know!

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