Long Beach, California’s health officer, Dr. Anissa Davis, has declared a public health emergency stemming from several cases of tuberculosis after the city council granted final approval.

Long Beach’s health department has detected 14 cases of tuberculosis linked to an undisclosed “single-room occupancy hotel.

As of this writing, out of the 14 cases detected, nine patients have been hospitalized, with one passing away from the illness.

It is believed that about 175 people have been exposed to the outbreak.

Chest diagram with smaller picture of bacteria, and a inner picture of a lady coughing.

People most at risk from the illness are ones with weakened immune systems, underlying health issues, people with substance abuse, and those who live in crowded conditions.

Symptoms of tuberculosis can appear up to two years after being infected, making it hard to narrow down the source of the bacteria.

What is Tuberculosis (TB)?

According to the Mayo Clinic, tuberculosis is an illness caused by bacteria that affects the lungs.

The bacteria can travel from person to person through coughs, sneezes, singing, etc. Germs travel through droplets, can travel through the air, and can be breathed in by others.

Usually, antibiotics can treat it, but some forms of bacteria have mutated and are no longer affected by certain medicines.

Doctor looking at an x-ray, with an inner picture of a woman coughing.

Symptoms of Tuberculosis?

The Mayo Clinic advises that most people may not show symptoms during the primary infection but may suffer from flu-like symptoms: low fever, cough, exhaustion, and tiredness.

Symptoms can worsen, including chest pains, difficulty breathing, fever, chills, night sweats, coughing up blood or mucus, and weight loss.

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If you feel that you may be infected, limit exposure to others and seek
medical help immediately.

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