It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a sky squid? (Sky octopus maybe? No, sky squid sounds better). I’m a fan of UFOs, UAPs, flying saucers, alien ships, whatever they could be. I want them to be real, and I want them to visit. Although this thing filmed in Fresno, California… I’m not so sure I want to land!

At first viewing, you’d swear it was a type of squid, but it’s not in the water, SKY SQUID! Looking closer at it, it could be a pretty cool drone or even a Kraken kite.

Although, I’ve never seen a kite fly that high, nor change directions and shapes with ease. Not to mention, it would have to be pretty big, and a kite like that, would need SOMETHING to help it fly (i.e. plane... maybe?).

The video shared by KMPH FOX26 NEWS captured by Amalia Vareldjian, shows the weird fluttering alien like THING, hovering in the sky, changing forms and directions in this quick 33 second clip.

In another video from KMPH FOX26, news anchor Liz Gonzalez shows more videos of the object (maybe the same, maybe different) and some possible explanations.

It does in a way remind me of the monsters from Stephen King’s The Mist. What do you think it could be? Tap the App and let us know your thoughts.

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