Washington state native, Joel McHale has a new TV show on Fox TV that just debuted this week. It's set in Seattle (filmed in Canada though) and the name of the show is Animal Control. Whether or not Animal Control becomes a hit show remains to be seen but one thing I know is that Joel McHale is still “kind of a big deal” in Hollywood.

Seattle Met magazine just wrote a really great article about Joel McHale and they spilled the beans on some places we can probably run into him in Washington. I am definitely not a stalker, but I would "fan girl" if I ever bumped into Joel McHale in one of these places!

IYKYN (If You Know, You Know)

Actor Joel McHale is originally from Washington state. He was raised in Mercer Island and is a famous alumni of the University of Washington. He became very popular when his TV show, The Soup, used to air on the E! Channel. I thought he was strangely hot so I would always watch The Soup whenever I could during the early 2000s. He has this funny yet biting sense of humor that I find incredibly appealing.

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Joel McHale’s next brush with stardom came when he was chosen to be the lead actor on the show, Community, alongside Ken Jeong, Donald Glover, Yvette Nicole Brown, Dani Pudi, Allison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Dani Puli, and Chevy Chase.


Here are the 10 spots you can probably see Joel McHale during one of his many visits to his home state of Washington.

1 . Canlis

Canlis Restaurant
Canlis via Google Maps

2 . Matt’s in the Market 

Matt's in the Market at Pike Place
Matt's in the Market at Pike Place via Google Street View

3 . Cafe Vita 

Cafe Vita in Seattle
Cafe Vita via Google Maps

4 . Beer Junction 

Beer Junction
Beer Junction via Google Maps

5 . May Kitchen + Bar 

May Kitchen + Bar
Reesha Cosby

6 . Cloudburst Brewery 

Cloudburst Brewing
Cloudburst Brewing via Google Maps

7 . Three Magnets Brewing in Olympia, WA

Three Magnets Brewing
Three Magnets Brewing via Google Maps

8 . Georgetown Brewing

Georgetown Brewing
Georgetown Brewing via Google Street View

9 . Seafair

Boats in the Lake

10 . A Seattle Seahawks Game

Getty Images
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Little Known Fact #1: Joel McHale used to perform improv for about 4 years in Pike Place Market for Theatersports! The venue he performed at is currently known as the Unexpected Productions Improv Theater.

Little Known Fact #2: Joel was nominated for the Worst Supporting Actor award for his role in The Happytime Murders by The Razzies. The movie starred Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, Brian Henson (son of muppeteer Jim Henson), and Elizabeth Banks. Now I want to see the movie!

Watch a clip from Joel McHale's new TV show on Fox TV, Animal Control.


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