The Yakima City Council meets Tuesday and on the agenda is approval of a rezone that would allow for a permanent homeless shelter to be built next to the Yakima Greenway.

There is a protective overlay of zoning around the Greenway now that was implemented to protect the Greenway from having non-compatible businesses moving into the area.  This would be an exception to that and the people who operate the Greenway are not happy about it.

Both the city and county say they have "worked with the Greenway" on this decision but how much have they?  Greenway Executive Director Kellie Connaughton will join us on the Morning News Tuesday morning at 7:15 to talk about the concerns the Greenway has as the projects appears to be gaining momentum and moving forward.

KIT Opinion - everyone agrees we need to do something somewhere to help mitigate the homeless problem but is next to the Greenway the right place?  What are the lessons to be learned from the Union Gospel Mission's impact to North First street?

The Greenway relies on volunteers and community donations to operate and could those resources be affected by a homeless shelter moving in?

Plenty to talk about so join us Tuesday Morning at 7:15 for the Morning News


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