I drove through Yellowstone National Park on my summer vacation again this year.  I’ve been there about five times and I love it. The landscape, wildlife and geothermic weirdness is just a magnificent combination.  But it’s that geothermic thing that has some scientists paying close attention to what’s going on underneath Yellowstone.

The move “2012”  had some amazing special effects of destruction and collapse as the super-volcano under the park went off and triggered the end of the physical world as we know it.  Is there any possibility of that really happening?

Researchers are cautioning a mega eruption may occur sooner than previously thought. The New York Post says scientists from Arizona State University who analyzed minerals in fossilized ash from the most recent mega-eruption about 630-thousand years ago found the super-volcano woke up after fresh magma flowed into the caldera, a 40-mile-wide bowl.

The previous eruption before that occurred around 600-thousand years earlier, meaning that the volcano may be primed for another explosion.

Those of us in the Pacific Northwest know a thing or two about volcanoes but if Yellowstone blows there will be no comparison. The Yellowstone Super-Volcano could belch out more than 1,000 cubic kilometers of rock and ash --2,500 times more than was Mount Saint Helens did in 1980.  Scientists say such an event could cover most of the United States in ash and possibly plunge the Earth into a volcanic winter.


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