Thursday on the Morning News we spent some time talking about an article written by Radio Host Dennis Prager called “A Nation Of Immigrants-Only If The Assimilate”.  It was a an excellent read and the link to it is here:

The article pointed out the correlation between lower crime rates and higher homogeneity in various nations and in some places here in the united states.  The premise being that people who feel like or choose to be outsiders, will be more inclined to fight with and prey upon those who are different from them.

Dennis Prager – “All this leads to a particular rule, which is, in order to maintain a low crime rate and social stability, a country has only two choices: Do not allow immigrants into the country, or allow immigrants into the country, but be certain to assimilate them into the native population as quickly as possible.’

We hear people reacting to President Trump’s proposed travel ban as being Un-American because we are a welcoming nation, but a lot of Americans are fed up with the current lack of “melt” in the great melting pot!

Dennis Prager – “and it has been uniquely successful in shaping people from all over the world and from every background into one nation known as Americans. One of America’s three fundamental principles has been e pluribus Unum, or “out of many”   ….But since the 1960s, the left has supplanted e pluribus Unum and its national American identity with the antithetical doctrines of diversity and multiculturalism.”

The very thing we are told to celebrate together is the very thing that keeps us apart!

Dennis Prager – “The left constantly repeats “we are a nation of immigrants” without citing the other half of that fact — “who assimilate into America.” The left mocks the once-universally held American belief in the melting pot. But the melting pot is the only way for a country composed of immigrants to build a cohesive society.”

Prager nails it and we know it touched a nerve with many of you. So the question we ask is this.  Are diversity and multiculturalism the key to the future or the beginning of the end?



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