Are you tired yet?  The never ending campaign for President 2020?  Just how much of the lack of participation can be attributed to the burnout from such a lengthy ordeal?  Fair Question.

Here's another one.  Should we shorten the whole process like other countries do?

If you're feeling exhausted by the presidential election even though we still have almost nine months to go, you're far from alone .
Our presidential election cycles now start just a few weeks after the midterm elections, and while some might argue a long campaign season gives voters enough time to learn about the candidates and issues and make an educated choice, exhausting them with such a long process risks turning them off to the whole process.
Additionally, having to sustain a campaign for so long gives an advantage to those who have or can raise a lot of money. Is it time to follow the lead of other countries?  Their practices limit the length of campaigns and get higher turnout numbers than in the U.S.
The Business Insider paints a shorter picture of campaigns in other countries around the world.  Look to the North and Canada--the minimum campaign period is 36 days, but the longest-ever campaign was just 74 days.  Across the pond U.K., campaigns usually last between five to six weeks.and even the French keep it tight with campaigns before the first round of voting are maximum two weeks. Japan may be cutting it close with some campaigns lasting only last 12 days but that's all I need to make up my mind about Bernie and the also-rans!

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