Take a look in the mirror.  Now look at you paycheck.  Now look back at the mirror. Are you happier with your check or your reflection?  The reason I ask is because of some new research  that indicates less attractive folks actually make more money!

Researchers analyzed data from 20,000 Americans who rated their own attractiveness at various points over a 13-year study. The data shows that participants who were more extroverted, conscientious and less neurotic made significantly more money than others.  That makes sense to me but what about this revelation?  Very unattractive participants always made more money than those who were determined to be just unattractive.

Psychologists speculate the reason for this correlation may occur because unattractive people were found to be less open to new experiences resulting in very  unattractive people to be more likely to commit to their jobs, allowing them to climb the professional ladder more effectively and therefore earn a higher salary.

The results of this particular study contradicts previous studies which have found that in general, less attractive people earn less compared to their better-looking peers.  More research may be necessary or maybe we just need more attractive researchers!

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