Yakima Police continue an investigation into a burglary in which the former Mayor of Yakima was arrested last week. Avina Gutierrez was arrested in the Redmond area last Thursday and booked into the Yakima County jail. Gutierrez was released as part of the pre-trial release program on Friday. She's expected to be charged on October 30 in Yakima County Superior Court.
Gutierrez faces charges of residential burglary and theft after police say she stole items from her mother's Yakima home worth more than $30,000 earlier this month. Court documents say police called Avina after the burglary and asked her if she had taken the items and she told them she was "picking up items from my childhood home." She said the asked the items to be placed outside but when they were not there when she arrived she entered the home and took the items. Police asked her to come to the station to make a statement. When she didn't do that a warrant was issued for her arrest last week. She was arrested in the Redmond area. Detectives from the Yakima Police Department drove to the west side to pick her up and place her in the Yakima County jail where she was booked and released on Friday.
The investigation continues Today.

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