All is fair in love, war and commerce!

We used to call it elevator or background music.  But maybe a better term for it might be subversive sales music!  You know the stores with the piped in music?  Well there is method to their music.

According to reports in the Daily Mail, the psychology of shopping is affected by all sorts of things-- even the music playing in a store.

Major restaurant chains are installing specially-designed sound systems that make customers spend as much as 10 percent more.  A ten percent sales bump based on music and it is a carefully crafted playlist.

“The system, called Soundtrack Your Brand, plays music that reflects the brand's values, evoking a range of positive emotions in customers and increasing guest satisfaction.”  WOW, that almost sounds unfair!  The music makes you feel great and in you joy you spend more than you first intended!

Swedish researchers designed the system that "takes into account factors such as the time of day and the type of people likely to be in a certain location, creating a tailored atmosphere for both the brand and customer."  (Daily Mai)

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