So THAT explains all those salads.  Looking back on my dating years in light of a new study out of Scandinavia it all makes sense. What Danish researchers have discovered is basically that women, more often than not, choose salad when dining out with someone they feel  is “handsome”.

Ok, ok, true confession, I never did see a lot of salad but it does appear to be true that how attracted you are to the person with whom you're dining often determines what you’ll eat when out on a date.

Danish researchers found that the meal is a message and that your food choice is advertising your potentiality as a mate!  And it goes both ways too.  Women were more likely to choose a low-calorie menu item when dining with an attractive man, and men were more likely to choose expensive food and drink items when in the company of an attractive woman.

So, first time daters, watch what your date orders, it could be telling you a lot! (Daily Mail)

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