How did we get here and what does it mean for America’s tomorrow now that we are here?

According to a new poll, while almost all Americans will gripe and complain about the government, a whole lot of us don’t know or  can’t remember one of the most basic, fundamental teachings of how our government is set up!.

The University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Public Policy Center conducted a poll from Aug. 9-13, and found only 26 percent of Americans could name all the three branches of the American government.  You know, Executive, Legislative & Judicial!

Just one outta four!  C’mon!

And that was the good news.  27 percent could name only a single branch and a ridiculously low 33 percent did not know any of the branches of government. Not A-N-Y!  Where did education break down, where did our sense of civics breakdown and how can we be surprised it seems as if America is breaking down.

The poll also shows Americans “who identified as conservatives were significantly more likely to know all of the three branches of government.”

So what do we think this means ?

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