A mathematician and a physicist go out for a drink....No Joke - A drink of coffee.

So what is the formula for a perfect cup of joe?  The UK Independent reports the first step is to use coarsely ground coffee beans, which allows for "more efficient extraction" than using finely ground beans. Doing this also means fewer coffee beans must be used.

University researchers have been testing out their new method of brewing coffee at a small coffee shop  as part of a study published in the journal Matter.

Over the course of a year, the shop has reported saving thousands of dollars due to the ability to use fewer coffee beans.  Estimates indicate that brewing coffee this way nationwide, the whole US coffee market could save over 1.1 billion dollars per year.
If the idea is something you want to sleep on, feel free.  Last year, a separate study conducted by researchers from Florida Atlantic University and Harvard Medical School found that drinking coffee just before bed does not affect quality of sleep.


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