I don't have the stats and answers at this point but I do have the question.  How will the Coronavirus pandemic affect the Yakima Valley Hops Industry?

I ask the question because Fox News reports we'll notice fewer beer options this summer.
Sovos ShipCompliant is a beverage alcohol compliance software for more than 2000 wineries, breweries, distilleries, importers, and distributors. Their data indicates that breweries it works with registered 43.4 percent fewer new brews in April and May compared to the same time last year.
Experts say the closure of tasting rooms due to the pandemic back in mid-March left many industry producers struggling to make ends meet. Breweries, in particular, appear to have rallied around their core products rather than investing in seasonal or limited releases, as a way to cut costs.
The beer industry, especially craft beer, has taken a hit during the pandemic. Since the pandemic, sales have dropped 65 percent for the usually-more-expensive beer offerings
The connection is - we grow the hops that flavor much of the beer.  How will the lack of new beers affect sales of Yakima Valley Hops?  To be continued...


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