As the protest, patriotic and political dust-up continues over NFL players and other professional athletes disrespecting the national anthem and the flag, some people are suggesting that the patriotic pomp and circumstance be pulled from professional sports altogether.

On one side, the people who enjoy the show of respect for the red, white and blue and take comfort in the presence of the flag, military tributes, the fly-overs and song.  They see removing the anthem as a personal loss to them but punishment to unappreciative sports franchises.

On the other side are are those who either don't share the emotional connection to the symbols of America or don't feel sports fields or arenas are the right place for such displays.  They'll see the loss as good riddance or an appropriate goodbye.

So how did we get here?

Not in terms of left vs right, protest vs patriotism, but how did we get to a place where the national anthem became a part of our American sports presentation in the first place?

We talked about it on the Morning News and in case you missed it, we direct you to the History Channel website for the interesting story.



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