We're getting close to the season where it becomes important to see who's been naughty or nice.  The nice get their Christmas wishes fulfilled, the naughty get a lump of coal, and the admonition of changing their ways and doing better next time.  Maybe the naughty learn a lesson and maybe they don't but one thing is for sure, Santa (or you) will judge the individual on their recent behavior in determining which list they will be on.

Santa Won't Cancel--Will You?

In short, Santa won't search your past for reasons to punish you today.  Santa isn't part of cancel culture.  But cancel culture is real, I believe it's done more harm than good, and practicing it today should put you on the naughty list for sure!

Good To Know dot com writes, "Simply put, cancel culture is the idea of taking away support for an individual, their career, popularity and/or fame because of something they’ve said or done that’s considered unacceptable today...To be “canceled” is effectively to be boycotted, with the intent that the person will be ostracised and no longer benefit financially, personally, or professionally ".

A Cancel Comparison

Convicted sex abuser and former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein deserved to be canceled (and jailed) at the time of his earliest crimes...but he got away with it for years and years.  Going back through his past to seek justice for real crimes is not an example of cancel culture.  On the other hand, think Judge Kavanaugh,  looking back through a distinguished career of 40 years to search out comments made in a high school yearbook as evidence of something happening today, well...that's the work of cancel culture

VOX poses the cancel culture this way - "Is cancel culture a mob mentality, or a long-overdue way of speaking truth to power?

Look, if you want to speak truth to power, then really speak the TRUTH.  Many people learn, people grow, mature, improve and evolve in their ideas, opinions, and actions.  Judge people by who they are today.  Time may not heal all wounds but time can heal the people who used to wound others. What's unacceptable today should be used to measure the words and actions of people today.   Word and deeds from decades ago are not fair game for judgment today and the majority of Americans agree.

Survey Says...Cancel Culture Should Be Canceled!

According to The Hill"More than two-thirds of Americans said in a new Hill-HarrisX poll that "cancel culture" unfairly punishes people over past actions or statements, with 69 percent saying it does and 31 percent that it doesn't."

Majorities across the political spectrum believe that it unfairly punishes people, although Republicans were most likely to agree it does, at 79 percent, compared to 65 percent of Democrats and 64 percent of independents. The poll also found that 71 percent of voters said they believe cancel culture has gone too far, compared to 29 percent who don't agree.

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