Well into my 30's I was used to just being responsible for myself. If I was on the road and thirsty I would stop at a convenience store and buy a soda and if I was feeling really rebellious, maybe an ice cream bar. Well one day in the summer of 1998 my two nieces and my nephew came to visit. I received free passes to the water park from the radio station I worked at during that time which saved me a lot of money.

On the way home from the water park I started feeling thirsty so I pulled into a 7-11 when it dawned on me... I can't just buy myself a soda and an ice cream, I had 3 kids in the car. So I reluctantly said in a very downtrodden voice "anybody want anything?" $12 later we got back in the car. Money was tight then and $12 stung a little considering I had about $3 budgeted in my head when I stopped. Lol.

So about a month ago I walk into Fred Meyer to do my shopping and I see the "free fruit stand" you see in the photo above. I thought to myself "That's pretty cool of these guys considering kids can be cranky when they're hungry and mom and dad are shopping. These guys are smart." Then I started wondering how many times per day they have to restock their free healthy snack stand because, if I were a father of 12, I'd take my kids to Fred Meyer's produce department every day while I pretended to shop just to defray part of my monthly food bill.

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