When it's hot and you see a animal in distress in a car Yakima Police say you can take action but if you break a window you'll likely be held responsible. The official start of Summer was Saturday and the heat is now on. A news release from the city says on an 85-degree day, leaving your pet in a vehicle for just seven minutes exposes them to temperatures reaching 100 degrees. After 30 minutes, the interior of your vehicle reaches 120 degrees.
On a day with temperatures reaching 100 degrees, not uncommon in Yakima during the summer, the interior of a vehicle reaches 140 degrees in just 15 minutes.
The best advice from city officials is to leave your pets at home. But if you do have to bring your pet and leave them in a hot car roll windows down and provide a water bowl if possible.
So what should you do if you see a pet in distress in a hot vehicle? The news release says "record what you observe. Write down the make, model and license plate number of the vehicle and street location.
Try to locate the owner. If no owner is found, call 911 immediately and wait by the vehicle.
Those who leave their pets in a vehicle in dangerous temperatures are subject to a $500 fine per pet. "


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