We Americans love our wheels -- even if they aren't our own!

There has been a number of movie plots that focus on cars and car thieves in recent years.  In an unfortunate case of life imitating art, the City of Yakima has been on the national list of worst cities for car thefts off and on for the past several years and it has hurt our national crime reputation.

The YPD works hard at stopping car thieves and you can help by being a responsible owner.

Here is the list of the most often stolen cars.  What's in your driveway?

Top-10 most-stolen vehicles of 2016:
(Source: National Insurance Crime Bureau)
10. Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, 9,245
9. Chevrolet Impala, 9,749
8. Toyota Corolla, 11,989
7. Dodge pickups, 12,128
6. Nissan Altima, 12,221
5. Toyyota Camry, 16,732
4. Chevrolet pickups, 31,238
3. Ford pickups, 37,721
2. Honda Civic, 49,547
1. Honda Accord, 50,427


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