IS there such a thing as the "Perfect Job"?  Standards, expectations, details, can all vary from job to job, but this opportunity probably comes as close to the "Perfect Job" as any of which I am aware.

So let's prequalify a little.

Do you like dogs?  Do you love dogs? Do you REALLY love dogs?

If you answered YES to all three questions, you might be the Perfect Candidate for the Perfect Job!  If your dream is to cuddle, pet, and play with dogs all day AND get paid for it, then the title of ‘Chief Puppy Officer’ at Chief Puppy Officer | might just be the dream job for which you’ve been looking.

The folks at are looking for someone to wrangle the personal Yappy-Pack while the owners and Yapp-Team workers are busy about the business of creating as they call it "amazing, personalized dog gifts for over 420 breeds."

The Yappy position, filled with pooch puns, is that "delivering tail-wagging happiness to all dogs is the reason we get out of bed in the morning and ensuring the ulti-mutt happiness of our own dog family who work beside us each day is equally as impawtant!"

But it's not all tickling tummies, doling out treats, and playing fetch from 9 ‘til 5. Yappy says "the successful person will be required to carry out market research with each office dog, providing written feedback on a range of toysbandanastreats, and accessories to help the team create even more furbulous products."

Key responsibilities

  • Ensuring our VIP’s (very impawtant pooches) are happy, entertained, comfortable and safe at all times
  • Working with our office dogs to provide market research on a variety of yappy products
  • Tailoring our dogs’ daily activities for different pawsonalities
  • Providing our dog family with the best toys, treats, play and relaxation as required

The pawfect person

  • Dog-obsessed! With a camera-roll full of pups to prove it
  • Highly experienced at handling dogs and an instinctive understanding of their needs
  • Tummy tickler experience level ‘expert’
  • Fully committed to delivering the very best ‘dog days’ for our dog family

The gig pays $33-grand a year and you can apply HERE

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