Do you tip? How well do you tip?

Have you ever worked for tips? Have you ever had to rely on tips to pay your bills?

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I have never worked for tips although I have received some generous tips over the years, I am always extremely grateful but neve rexpectant.  That's NOT the case for service workers around the country.

Washington...You're Cheap

The pandemic has been brutal to service workers and most customers realize that as demonstrated by a recent survey that shows over 65% of people feel the need to tip more since the onset of COVID-19.   Does that include you?  Your friends and relatives?  Here's what the survey says about us Washingtonians - based on a 20% tip average.

  • Washington residents are tipping below average.

  • 48.0% of Washingtonians- the #8 largest share of people-  say they tip their service workers under 15%

  • Oregon and Idaho are the second and third worst tippers (what's up with that Pacific NW?)
  • Over half (56%) of respondents say businesses should raise employee wages to replace tipping.

  • 70% of respondents think you should not go out to eat out if you can't afford to tip the server.


For the record, Californians are the worst of the worst while New Hampshire and Ohio are the nation's top tippers...but do they get better service because of it?  And, does the word "tips" really mean "to insure prompt service?"

Urban Ledgend

Millions believe that but researchers at the Columbia Dispatch say otherwise:

The Oxford English Dictionary places the origin of "tip" as a slang word used by criminals more than 400 years ago..It cites a source from 1610 which indicates that the slang word "cheats … is used generally for things....In the 18th century a tip was a gratuity given to a servant...however, the word could also denote a bribe, as in this usage from 1819: "To take the tip is to receive a bribe in any shape.

The survey concludes  "tipping is a staple in the service industry, but how much you should tip remains one of the most fiercely debated topics. The general rule is to leave between 15% and 20%. Even if the service is poor, it’s recommended to leave something."

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