Garbage In - Garbage Out. (GIGO)

Can we agree on that?

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Putting The Sense In Common Sense

GIGO  is a concept common to computer science and mathematics that basically says-

 that the quality of output is determined by the quality of the input....Similarly, if incorrect data is input to a program, the output is unlikely to be informative.

That holds true for News Programs as well.  Now, all we have to do is agree on what constitutes "garbage".  Actually, the audience already does that for us as determined by the ratings.  If the listeners or viewers think the content is garbage, they will leave and seek quality elsewhere.  Attractive and entertaining hosts will only take you so far.   This brings us to the CNN / FOX News comparison.

Comparing Apples To Sour Grapes

KIT is a proud FOX News station. It has been for years.  The FOX News radio product is an extension of the television product in terms of philosophy and approach to news coverage. Fox leans right, and CNN dives left. So which way is more in touch with the audience on the subject of the Congressional Hearing on the January 6 Break-In At The Capitol?  It's a topic we talk about quite frequently on KIT.

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Fox News didn't carry the initial primetime hearing. CNN didn't miss the chance to paint conservatives as insurrectionists and domestic terrorists.

So how's that working out?  Remember this isn't State-Run-Media.  Viewers have a choice and they are speaking loudly...or should I say they are speaking loudly by not speaking much at all!

Read the Ratings And The Writing on The Wall

The Business and Politics website reports:

the leftist network had its smallest audience in 22 years on Friday among the coveted 25-54-year-old demographic, according to Fox News. It averaged a dismal 56,000 viewers in that slot. The last time CNN’s numbers were that bad was on July 10, 2000...the outlet also experienced its smallest weekday audience among all viewers since June of 2014. It averaged 283,000 viewers. It’s a miracle the network is even still on the air with those numbers

Meanwhile, Fox News averaged 1.4 million total viewers and 209,000 in the 25-54-year-old demographic....reportedly the largest spread between the two networks since August 6, 2015.

So what can we draw from this?

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Our Definition of Garbage In


 CNN's willingness to pass through, without question, the Democrat's vision of January 6th as "the darkest day in American political history" is, well, garbage.  The hearings aren't hearings in the conventional sense as a vehicle to investigate to seek the truth.
They are a show trial without a defense. A scripted play designed to reach a foregone conclusion.  The Democrats have taken an opportunity to really get to the bottom of what pushed otherwise everyday Americans to react so strongly and they have blown it out of proportion in spectacular fashion.   They have turned a potentially important time of discovery into, yup, garbage.  The audience knows it and clearly wants historically little to do with it.
Want more proof?  Back to the Business and Politics website


Reruns of ‘Family Matters,’ ‘Roseanne,’ ‘The Office,’ ‘Shark Tank’ and ‘Family Guy’ all outdrew CNN's program among the 25-54 demo, as did children’s programming such as ‘Peppa Pig’ and ‘Spongebob SquarePants.’ Over 5,000 cable telecasts topped CNN in the demo last week

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CNN used to be an important news brand.  Now it's Garbage In as the alarmist, anti-trump, if you're a conservative you're all white supremacists & racists, Democrat partisan house organ.  And the viewers see it for what it is and have left. Garbage Out.

Here is CNN calling the protest treason. GIGO.

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