ONOne of the latest emails from Heritage University (HU) caught my eye and I'm guessing you might find it interesting as well.  The document invites readers to : Learn how to respond to an I.C.E. event.

At first i wasn't sure what an ICE event was in this context but after reading a little more my first thought were confirmed.  The message continues -Do you know what to do if you encountered an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) raid? Learn how to become a Raid Response Verifier during a training session at HU.
It's about raids.  Raids?  The fourth "R"?  Collegiate level Reading, and 'Riting and "Rithmatic ...along with Raids, taught to the tune of a hickory stic...oh no, can't go there..
I'm sure HU is sincere when they say "this training session will help volunteers learn more about I.C.E. actions, how to verify rumored raids and share information that will support our immigrant communities. These involve mobilizing interpreters and providing help to impacted family members."

Members of the Heritage University family are invited to spend an hour November 15 in the Bloxom Lecture Hall (Rau Classroom) from Noon to 1:00PM to learn more about becoming a volunteer.

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