The President of Heritage University in Toppenish says he's hoping congress will act and make the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA program law. Dr. Andrew Sund says a small number of students are in the DACA program at the university working to become contributors to the local economy in the future. "So we are very saddened that these people will now be in jeopardy of achieving their dreams of being productive citizens in this nation. At the same time we do understand it's a difficult situation and that it would be much better to have true legislation on it."
Sund says they'll support any action by congress. 20-year-old Jesus Grajales is a DACA student at Heritage University studying nursing. He says he's not concerned or fearful but says the move by President Trump is unfair by saying the program will end in 6 months if congress doesn't act..."I think he should have kept it in place while pushing congress to take action. But I'm not going to blame anyone."
Grajales and other DACA students are hopeful but not very confident that congress will come up with a solution given the fact that lawmakers have a tough time completing anything on time.

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