Congratulations, your contract has been extended.

As an employee that is just what you hope to hear.

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Vote Of Confidence

That means those in charge feel you have been doing a good job, maybe a great job, the kind of job they hope to see continue and grow over the next few years.

If you are a professional athlete, corporate CEO, or any level employee that has a written agreement in place...even a college President, a contract extension is good news for the employee and the continuation of great story for the organization,

In this case, the organization is Heritage University.

Sund Signs On For Five

The Heritage University Board of Directors has announced that Dr. Andrew Sund has accepted a unanimously-approved contract to continue serving as President of Heritage University.  The board noted Dr. Sund's dedication to the university’s mission and campus community and his strong leadership of the institution during challenging times.

Dr.Sund, as you might expect, was honored and delighted:

The years I have spent at Heritage University have been, professionally, the most rewarding of my life...I would like to thank the Board of Directors for trusting me, but I would also like to thank staff and faculty for their support. I know that together we will continue to do amazing things. I believe in our mission and we have much work ahead of us. Finally, I would like to thank the many students that have been at Heritage these years. Their dedication to education has inspired me to serve the University. I look forward to the future of Heritage.


 Heritage University offers over 42 undergraduate and graduate degree programs at the Toppenish campus with online options, as well.


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