• Thousands of kids are back in school in the Yakima Valley and that means school zones are open and the potential for a tragic accident is on the increase.

    Jennifer Cook with AAA Washington says it's crucial that drivers slow down in school zones and drive the 20 MPH speed limit.

    “At 20 MPH a driver can make a quicker stop then at any other speed.”

    Cook has four recommendations to make your back to school commute safer this week. They include slowing down, eliminate distractions, make a complete stop at a stop sign and plan some extra time into your commute especially if you drive near schools or in school zones.

    Yakima Police say speeding tickets double in a school zone so the average cost is about $180.

  • OfficeMax stores around the country need your help for their “A Day Made Better” school supply drive.

    Whenever you purchase something at an OfficeMax store, you can also buy some extra school supplies and drop them into a bin.

    On Oct. 1st, each store will donate all supplies collected to a local teacher.

    Employees say they enjoy helping teachers, who spend an average of $1,000 per year on supplies.

    "Budgets are getting cut everywhere and unfortunately the schools and the teachers feel that just like everybody else," said OfficeMax Manager Curt Butterfield.

    The stores donate to more than 1,000 teachers around the nation every year.

    If you'd like to take part in this year's drive, just drop off your school supply donation into one of their collection bins before September 30th.