I am so happy that my daughter Kate *the Gator"  loves to read!  Her state tests show she's at the top of the heap for reading, writing and comprehension.  It helps her in so many ways in school, life and of course her imagination is boosted by all the classic, fun and fanciful images and ideas to which he has been exposed!

However, many don’t understand " just how important student literacy and reading are to student development, starting at a very young age.  The American Pediatrics Association reports that reading when young – even infants being read to by their parents – increases academic success down the road."    Five areas where strong reading skills pay off for kids according to the School of Education and Social Policy at Merrimack College.

Self Esteem

Improved Concentration

Critical and Analytical Thinking Skills

Stronger Memory Skills

Expanded Vocabulary

"These are some of the most powerful ways that reading is important for student success. For those who have decided to teach children at the elementary school level, the impact they make on students in this vital area can resonate throughout the rest of their lives."

Heritage University is on board with all of that and is now offering a master’s degree which prepares teachers to help students overcome dyslexia and other reading challenges. The Master of Education in Inclusive Education: Dyslexia, ESOL and Cultural Competence from Heritage University provides students with in-depth training on the theories, practices, pedagogy and technology in the field of reading education.

“Candidates who complete the program will know how to identify, evaluate and deliver specialized instruction to students who, for reasons of language barriers or learning disorders, are struggling to learn how to read and write.”

 Heritage says the Master of Education in Reading program is open to current educators who hold a Bachelor of Arts in Education or a Bachelor of Education.

For more information, contact Shari Foster at (509) 865-8623 or Foster_S@Heritage.edu, or Kari Terjeson at Terjeson_K@Heritage.edu.

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