Now's the time to take the Annual Community Survey to help provide the big picture on the perception of harm of underage substance use .

The survey is sponsored by Yakima Community Coalition (CPWI).  It's part of an annual assessment of its Community Prevention Wellness Initiative grant, funding received  through the Washington State Health Care Authority.

This assessment tool measures the perception of harm from underage substance use and checks community knowledge of medicine disposal sites.

The Survey is due December 15th, and administrators say 250 responses are required to provide a comprehensive analysis of community demographics. The survey is made available in both English and Spanish and is given throughout the state in over 60 communities.

If you are interested in being a part of the coalition, please follow us at​.

To take the survey in English: ​

To take the survey in Spanish: ​

And you can contact: Julia Krolikowski at julia.krolikowski@esd105.orgOffice

(509) 853-1113 Cell: (509) 823-6281

Educational Service District 105Yakima Community Coalition

The collected data results and state analysis will be reviewed April 15th.

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