Speaker of the House Paul Ryan - American Healthcare Act
The Washington Post/Getty Images

The news cycle is being dominated by the attempt to repeal and replace ObamaCare.  We’ve spent a couple of days talking about it as well and now our Businessman/Consultant/Blogger buddy Tim Bryce weighs in.  He’s wondering if history is about to repeat itself!

“This did not happen back in 2009 and it is not happening in 2017. Despite their best intentions, the Republicans are approaching this in the same manner as the Democrats. Today’s American Health Care Act may be much smaller (123 pages) than what Mr. Obama offered, but it is still written with legal blather. Click to download a PDF version of the document.  I would have liked to have seen a Feasibility Study built in a Congressional Committee with input from both parties, not just one. A frank and open discussion would be one way to de-politicize the bill and build consensus, something we haven’t seen in our nation’s capitol for quite some time.”

We’re with you Tim but the left and right are too far apart…or are they?

Check out Tim’s latest column and listen for his radio appearances on the Morning News!

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