Yakima's interim health officer has refused a recommendation by the Yakima Board of Health that masks not be worn by children in Yakima County. County Commissioner Amanda McKinney made the recommendation at the meeting this week only to have Dr. Larry Jecha say he wouldn't recommend the change which he says goes against the state mandate that kids continue to mask up.
If you have kids the state says everyone 2-years-old and older who aren't vaccinated need to wear a mask and social distance. Masks are still a requirement for everyone in the state in health care settings, schools, correctional facilities, public transportation and homeless shelters. The recommendation vote was 4 to 3 on the issue with McKinney, Yakima Mayor Patricia Byers, Dr. Dave Atteberry, and Commissioner LaDon Linde in favor of the proposal with Commissioner Ron Anderson, Naila Duval and Dr. Sean Cleary voted against the measure.
Amanda McKinney is expected to talk to The Morning News on KIT on Thursday at 7:15 a.m. Don't miss our conversation.

Health officials say although several other mass vaccination sites across the state are closing, the Yakima Community Vaccination Center will remain open until further notice.
A lot of people in Yakima County have taken advantage of the free vaccine. Health officials say to date the Yakima Community Vaccination Center has given 39,688 vaccinations.
Currently out of everyone 16 and older 50.88% have initiated vaccination and 42.34% have been fully vaccinated.
If you can't make it to Yakima's State Fair Park to get a vaccine there are other places around the Yakima Valley that are offering the vaccine.
A news release from the Yakima Health District says "to find other vaccination opportunities around Yakima, individuals are encouraged to visit YakimaVaccines.org or YakimaVacunas.org.


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