Secure Your Load before you travel. That's the message from the Yakima County Sheriff's office. County officials are urging you to cover and secure your load whether you are hauling things to the landfill or moving items to another area. They say just look around the next time you drive to the Terrace Heights Landfill on Roza Hill Drive or the Cheyne Landfill on Cheyne Road. You'll see lots of trash lying in the ditches that comes from people hauling trash to the County landfills and failing to properly securing their loads, which eventually ends of in ditches and fields all around Yakima. Yakima County Sheriff's officials take the violations seriously. In fact penalties for the violation start at $231.00 and progress to a criminal charge if something falls off of the load and either causes damage or an injury to someone.
Besides securing the load don't forget to cover your load if you are going to the landfill. If it's uncovered you'll have to pay a fine for an un-covered load.
A press release says "anyone that arrives at the landfill and is in violation of this will be assessed a $5.00 if the load is between 1- and 3-yard capacity and $15.00 if the load is over 3-yard capacity.

Here are some guideline son how to properly secure you load:

Securing your load is quick and easy. It only takes a few minutes and basic supplies to properly secure a load.

Follow these simple tips:

1. Place lighter items below heavier items to keep them in place. Securely fasten the heavy items directly

to your vehicle.

2. Tie down items using rope, netting, straps, or chains. Securely fasten large items directly to your


3. Add extra protection by covering the entire load with a tarp or netting. Make sure that any covering is securely tied down.

4. Don’t overload vehicles or trailers.

5. Double-check to be sure the load is secure.

6. Speed, weight, and gravity are not load securing devices. Ropes, straps, and netting are load securing devices."

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