Happy Birthday to.....well, to all of is in radio in general and specifically to radio station KDKA Pittsburgh.

November 2, 1920, 100 years ago, Pittsburgh's KDKA conducted America's first ever commercial radio broadcast to the public--announcing the presidential election results.


On October 27, 1920, the Department of Commerce issued the first commercial radio station license under the call sign KDKA.

Six days later, The station launched on November 2, 1920 when Frank Conrad, an engineer at Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company, started 8ZZ and broadcasted the results of the presidential election returns between Warren G. Harding and James Cox.

Today the iconic station can be heard on 100.1 FM and AM 1020, streaming online or by downloading the RADIO.COM app or by telling a smart speaker to "play News Radio KDKA."

For the record Republican Warren Harding defeated James Cox (both of Ohio) with 60.3% of the vote and an electoral count of 404 to 127.  Except for the state of Tennessee, Cox swept the Dixieland South but Harding took the rest of the country.  Both VP candidates would be heard from again. Calvin Coolidge was Harding's running mate and Franklin D. Roosevelt went down with Candidate Cox.

So here we are. 100 years plus one before we report the election results for 2020.  Will it be a Republican "Harding-like" landslide for Donald Trump or will it be a bitter end to the political career of the man who shocked the world 4 years ago.  Will it be 4 more years added to the 47 year career politician Joe Biden?

I guess we'll all find out together on the radio if you can't be near a television or the internet because radio is still here, doing what we've done for 100 years.  Keeping you informed and entertained.

I have to double check the dates but I believe this is KIT's 96th year of broadcast service to the Yakima Valley and NO, I have not been here for all of them...but this Spring will mark 20 years with hopefully, a few more to go!

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