I used to follow this one person on face book and boy did he seem to live a life filled with fun!  He had all the toys. Snowmobile pictures and videos in the winter, skiing too -snow and water, dirt bikes, jeep, boat, personal watercraft, camper...you name it he had it.  I admit to being a little bit jealous.  Turns out he was a plumber!  They make good money, they can fix most anything and when we need them most they are the M-V-P of society!  I looked up Plumber pay at housecall pro-dot com and learned that in Washington State plumbers average $35.21 per hour.  That's more than 73-grand per year!

If becoming a plumber is something you might consider, then you should know about Perry Tech in Yakima and their new Plumbing Lab.

In a press release, Perry Tech announces that the school has begun construction and development on an all-new Commercial Plumbing Lab.

School officials say the Commercial Plumbing Lab is being constructed in collaboration between the Perry Technical Institute’s Construction & Carpentry Technology and Plumbing Technician program students, and will feature the opportunity for students to practice ground works, stringing layouts, installations to grade and back filling, and ensuring projects meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) rough-in codes.

For more information on the Plumbing Technician program at Perry Tech, call 509.453.0374 or email admissions@perrytech.edu.

Perry Technical Institute is a private non-profit 501(c)3 educational institution representing nearly 700 students across 14 disciplines .

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