Well, timing IS everything, right?  Fearing protests and violence over the results of the 2020 election, some 21-thousand National Guard troops have poured into the Nation's Capital to provide security for the Biden inauguration next week.

While all that is happening in the wake of last Wednesday's riot at the Capitol, today in Washington State It's Temperance and Good Citizenship Day proclaimed by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and the Office of the Secretary of State.  Have you seen much in the way of Temperance or Good Citizenship lately?  Well, maybe the next generation has a chance and that's what this day is really about.

In fact, it's the law since 1923!  RCW 28A.230.150 Temperance and Good Citizenship Day—Aids in programming—Voter registration—Report.

(1) On January 16th of each year or the preceding Friday when January 16th falls on a nonschool day, there shall be observed within each public school "Temperance and Good Citizenship Day."
(2) Each year on "Temperance and Good Citizenship Day," social studies teachers must, as resources allow, coordinate a voter registration event in each history or social studies class attended by high school seniors. This event is part of the future voter program. Teachers must make voter sign up and registration available to all students.
Today, Yakima Valley seniors, socially distanced and learning from home, are supposed to be learning about voting and having the chance to register for the next election.
The news release form the Superintendent of Public Instruction reads, "Every January, Washington students learn about the importance of registering to vote and ways to become engaged, productive citizens. High-school seniors have the opportunity to register to vote during their social studies classes...One of the goals of our K-12 education system is to prepare our students for a lifetime of civic engagement,” said Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal. “We are thankful for the opportunity to help empower the next generation of voters, civil servants, and community leaders.”
So Yakima Valley seniors listen up!  Pay attention to what's going on in your Country as you move forward in life.  For every 2 hours of tic-toc and video games, invest 10 minutes with news.  Stay informed from a variety of sources (you might consider starting with AM 1280 KIT radio).  You may not realize it yet but your freedom is in your hands so use that precious vote wisely.  As we just witnessed, things can go sideways quickly. Look at the events of last week and what's feared to happen next week.
We need you to be smarter and show more temperance than us, this current generation.  We hope the ballots you cast for the candidates of your choice in the future are counted fairly and that the National Guard is able to stand down and enjoy the show at all future inaugurations!



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