The Grocery Manufacturers Association is preparing to prove in court that officials didn't know that they were violating Washington State law when they decided to set up an account for food companies to pay into in order to oppose the 2013 GMO labeling ballot initiative there without having to disclose where the money came from. A state judge ruled on Friday that, while the group had violated the law, it was unclear whether it was intentional - a matter that could weigh heavily on what penalties the group may face.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership ratification process is getting underway in Japan. The Japanese government announced last week it is beginning efforts to ratify the trade agreement. The announcement came through a resolution that says the Japanese government will submit 11 bills to the Japanese Parliament aiming at ratifying TPP and enacting the bills required for approval. The government intends to deliberate and pass the bills during the current session that ends June first to avoid making TPP an issue during the Japanese general election.