What do our teachers teach? Besides reading and writing and 'rithmatic... perhaps along the way, long-term good health?

United Press International reports a new study found that teenagers who had good, supportive relationships with their teachers had better physical and mental health in their mid-20s. In other words, great teachers can make a significant difference in the lives of their students' long-term health

"The study analyzed data from nearly 20,000 participants in a U.S. health study, including 3,400 pairs of siblings. That study followed participants from seventh grade into early adulthood. The teens answered a variety of questions about whether they had experienced trouble getting along with other students or teachers, and whether their friends or teachers cared about them."

As the students reached adulthood, they reported the results of physical and mental health tests such as blood pressure and body mass index .

Because of the results, the study's Korean authors say schools should invest in training teachers on how to build warm, supportive relationship with students. "This is not something that most teachers receive much training in...but it should be."




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