If you have kids you may recall the struggle, the excitement at the prospect of choosing a name for another human being.  It is a big deal!

There’s a lot to take into account such as tradition, family names, friends names, trendiness, favorite celebrity names and so much more.

In my case, my middle name is my dad’s dad’s name and my brother has our mom’s dad’s first name so we definitely saluted the grandparents but here’s an interesting statistic from the ranks of the grandparents.

Website Babble reports on a poll of over 2,000 grandparents showing 20 percent actually can't stand the name chosen for their grandchild!

Their biggest gripes were about kids names that were too hard to pronounce, "too weird," or "ugly."  And they aren’t quiet about it.  The same poll shows 69 percent feel it's perfectly acceptable for them to voice their opinion on their grandchild's name.  Those opinions seem to carry some weight too!

Just 38 percent of parents surveyed said their kid's name is none of their parents' business.

Before you name your next new one know this - the names hated most by grandparents were: Aurora, Charlotte, Elijah, Finn, Jack, Lindsay, Noah, Sally, and Tabitha. (Babble)

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