More than 50 local, State and Federal officials are keeping a close eye on the crack on top of Rattlesnake Ridge. Even Governor Jay Inslee visited the site on Sunday. And there's plenty of experts on hand making solid science backed predictions. Most say the land will slide to the south into the existing rock quarry. But of course anything could happen. The reason why they're preparing for the worse and hoping for the best. Governor Jay Inslee says he's confident people are safe because so many experts and systems are monitoring the site. "I'm impressed by the number of redundant systems we have it's just one system that's evaluating the slide it's multiple systems."
So far only one or two rocks fell on Thorp Road over the weekend. The experts say the they're just doing all they can to keep the public informed and safe.
They say the slide will be mainly rock and dirt, about 4 million cubic yards. Compare that to the 2015 Oso landslide of 15 million cubic yards mud that buried a community. The 2009 slide on the Nile was about 10 million cubic yards.
The monitoring continues Today.

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