The Holidays are an interesting contrast in the presence of the haves and have nots. The lonely, the hungry, and the homeless, all receive extra attention from food drives and programs like toys for tots, the Salvation Army red kettle bell ringers, and Coats for Kids. And rightfully so.

Of course, the need is there year-round but the cold weather helps us to see it and to feel it or at least to imagine the feeling of being ill-prepared to face sub-zero temperatures.

How Can We All Help The Homeless?

All of the individuals and organizations involved in providing relief should be acknowledged and congratulated and that includes one of the great Town Square Media advertisers.  No doubt, you have heard the commercials for The Good Feet Store.

Good Feet "began as a family-owned business in 1992, with a mission to help people who – like the company's founders – suffered tremendous foot and back pain that diminished their quality of life....Our core belief is that everyone deserves the ability to live the life they love, without letting their foot-related pain and discomfort unduly limit them." 

Looking For New Socks & Shoes

The Yakima Good Feet store is teaming up with the Salvation Army to do what they do best and that's look out for Yakima's feet and toes!  The Shoe & Sock Drive project is pretty simple - collect new socks and new or gently used shoes for those who need them most and drop them off at the Good Feet Store by Valley Mall at  2401 S 1st St.

Here's what you need to know!

Good Feet has 175 locations around the country and with all those communities pitching in, that's going to be a serious stack of socks...and healthier feet across America!

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