Time to send another message to Olympia that Yakima County and Eastern Washington are ready to get back to work.

A recent Gallup Poll tells of improving emotional health across the country as communities open back up..." As many states have begun to reopen their economies and many more are making plans to do so, Americans are reporting improvements in their emotional health. Although the coronavirus crisis persists, less than half of U.S. adults (47%) now say they worried a lot of the previous day -- down from 59% in late March/early April, when Gallup recorded an unprecedented increase in self-reported worry......In addition to the 12-percentage-point drop in worry, boredom has dipped five points, to 41%, and happiness has edged up five points, to 72%."

Washington Governor Jay Inslee continues to make news and talk show headlines for "moral narcisissim", lawsuits charging constitutional overreach and establishing and then retracting policies such as logging in the personal information of diners visiting restaurants.  Add to that a recent serious critical analysis of the Governor's "dial dashboard" of conditions required for opening up business and activities in the state.

The Washington Policy Center points out four problems with the Governor's "transparency policy".

1. Daily testing is getting worse, but the dials show the opposite


2. The data are not reliable or missing


3. The data are very imprecise and leave room for political manipulation


4. Some metrics are odd and meaningless

This all adds up to growing anger and frustration for businesses and workers who have been sidelined by Inslee's approach to the pandemic. So this Saturday 5-23-20, starting at 1:00 pm, a rally for Americanism-Call to Action, at the Yakima Speedway,will feature a variety of speakers who will make the case for American values and a responsible return to business in Washington.

Sandra Belzer Brendale called in to KIT's Morning News to invite folks to attend.


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