House Ag Committee Chair Mike Conaway rejected the most recent recommendation to establish a generic mandatory label option if the U.S. loses its WTO appeal regarding COOL. The WTO’s deadline for its decision is May 18th. A generic mandate would require the meat derived from an animal born, raised and slaughtered in the U.S., Mexico or Canada to be labeled as a product of North America – but this option has been rejected by both those who are for and against COOL. USDA released two reports Friday regarding Country-of-Origin Labeling. One acknowledges no measurable consumer benefits and the other outlines options to comply with previous WTO decisions.

The National Potato Council is working with Pheasants Forever and Syngenta to increase habitat for pollinators. The groups are working towards finding volunteers to help plant specific native seed mixtures developed based on regional climate and land characteristics. Plantings could occur on pivot corners, along streams, near field boundaries or other areas not utilized for potatoes or other crops. Increasing available pollinator habitat is a win for the environment.

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