**Fresh apple inventories in the new year are down 13% compared with the same time a year ago, according to the latest U.S. Apple Association Market News report.

The 90.3 million 42-pound carton equivalents in storage on January 1st were 13.1% less than reported the same time in 2020 and 8.9% less than the five-year average.

And, with shorter supplies comes higher prices.

The average price for all apples on January 9th was $28.32 per carton, up from $23.17 in 2020 and $26.19 in 2019.


**The National Pork Producers Council has launched a multimedia campaign, “Farming Today for Tomorrow,” to showcase U.S. pork producers’ long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship and further reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The campaign features interviews with pork producers discussing on-farm efforts to reduce their environmental footprint, including the use of renewable natural gas to power facilities, hog manure to fertilize the land and precise nutrient farming to ensure fertilizer is only used where it’s needed.

**Stress related to the pandemic has affected the mental health of farmers and farm employees.

A survey by the American Farm Bureau says two-thirds of farmers and employees reported mental-health effects since the pandemic began.

Among rural adults more generally, more than half reported effects.

Farm Bureau has advocated for improved mental-health care in rural communities and offers resources on a website, farmstateofmind.org.

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