Time for America to put its money where our veterans mouths are.   Senior veterans are often at a higher risk of dental problems with no means of relief.  Factors such as expense, fear, lack of insurance and accessibility are all challenges for countless vets.  Add to that the majority of U.S. veterans are not eligible for dental benefits through the V.A.unless they are 100% disabled, have a service-related mouth injury or were a prisoner of war.

In truth, dental care is not only important to good health but to self esteem and employability.  Vets need some cavalry of their own to come to the rescue and answering the call is the Healthy Mouth Movement sponsored by Aspen Dental and nearly 450 of its offices across the U.S.

A Day of Service event is planned for Saturday, June 9th, with a goal of providing free dental care to thousands of veterans.

Stay tuned for more information on how, where and when to sign up for Healthy Mouth Movement services in Yakima.

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