The first major test of whether Donald Trump's election will increase support for coal, oil and natural gas at the expense of renewable energy could be how the lame-duck Congress handles the comprehensive energy bill being considered by the House/Senate.

Negotiations that began last week on writing the joint energy bill are continuing this week despite Congress taking the week off for Thanksgiving.

Despite the President-elect's repeated promises to roll back regulations, he may have trouble doing more than nibbling away at the Obama administration's accomplishments in nutrition policy.

The school nutrition standards the Agriculture Department implemented under the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which was first lady Michelle Obama's big victory on nutrition policy, will be difficult for Trump or the Republican Congress to change.

New rules for food labeling, including the GMO disclosure legislation, also are likely to have a lasting impact on U.S. eating habits, along with the elimination of trans fats and lower sugar contents that are likely to live on simply because of changes in industry practices and consumer demand.


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