**California water officials have signaled a willingness to allow six San Joaquin Valley groundwater subbasins to bring aquifer plans into compliance with state sustainability mandates.

Officials have ruled that plans for the six subbasins fail to meet requirements of California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, which could trigger state intervention.

However, the State Water Resources Board is so far allowing the subbasins to improve plans to bring aquifers into balance.

Aleksandr Zyablitskiy
Aleksandr Zyablitskiy

**Ford’s Canadian division says Canada will no longer have access to AM radio in upcoming vehicles.

Radio Ink Dot Com says it’s the first confirmation that removing AM radio won’t be isolated to the U.S.

A Ford Canada spokesperson says to listen to AM, all drivers need to do is link their phones to the vehicles entertainment system and stream the stations.

Many of Canada’s 180 AM stations broadcast in remote areas with less-than-ideal data coverage, making streaming difficult or impossible.

California Agriculture Faces Challenges As Drought Continues
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**The National Ag Statistics Service recently estimated the total U.S. 2023-24 wheat planted area will be 49.9 million acres, up 9% and the highest since 2016-17.

The total winter wheat area is projected up 13% as high prices and strong profitability provides major incentives.

Hard Red Winter Wheat is projected up 13% to 26 million acres.

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