The KIT crew is down with dogs.  Dave has two rescue dogs -River & Lucy- and Lance quit counting at about 500 Chihuahuas! (slight exaggeration)

We know you love dogs too so when we see some pooch affirming story, we love to share it!
The idea that a dog is man's best friend was allegedly postulated by Frederick the Great of Prussia.  I wonder if Freddy knew how significant a dog can be in a child's life?  Take "Better Behavior" for example.

Fox News reports University of Western Australia and Telethon Kids Institute polled over 1,600 parents of kids ages two to five and found that 42 percent of households surveyed owned a dog. Kids from dog-owning homes were reportedly between 30 and 40 percent less likely to have problems with conduct with their peers, and had 23 percent less difficulties overall.

They were also 34 percent more apt to engage in pro-social behaviors than kids without dogs were. Researcher, Professor Hayley Christian says, “While we expected that dog ownership would provide some benefits for young children’s wellbeing, we were surprised that the mere presence of a family dog was associated with many positive behaviors and emotions.”

The study didn't explain how a dog works such magic on behavior but we can guess.

Dogs give unconditional love, companionship and present a child with chores and responsibilities which helps develop respect, caring and accountability.  All of which helps make people -kids or not- mature into better people!



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