A study by U.S. intelligence agencies concludes food scarcity among countries important to the U.S. is likely to rise in the next decade, risking social and political unrest. The study pointed towards climate change and extreme weather among the threats to food availability in key countries in coming years. The study claims that “simply growing more food will not result in more food-secure countries.” Instead, the study suggested “innovative but lesser-used strategies” such as reducing waste, having people earn incomes off the farm and teaching them about technical developments in agriculture.

The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture has released a new Food & Ag Resource Guide, a curated list that features top recommended resources by age group. The guide is designed to encourage agricultural literacy for young rural and urban students and to teach them about the importance of agriculture. The guide provides a unique source of activities that will be reviewed, commented on and rated by educators. Each year new submissions will be considered and the guide will be updated with the top 10 resources for each age group and area.